21st Anniversary Strong Ale
Available in 22oz Bottles and on Draft
10 Malts, 11 Hops, 12.1% ABV


Jewbelation is finally 21! No fake IDs or over-limit ABVs and legal in all 50 states! Genesis 21 narrates the birth of Isaac, meaning “He who laughs,” born to 100 year-old parents who still circumcised him on day 8. The day I turned 21 (4/24/90) drinking birra alla spina in Florence (unlikely to say 21 letters in Italian backwards that night), the Hubble Telescope launched to seek the deepest views and true age of the universe. 620mi years ago, a day on Earth was only 21.9 hours. Astronomy 2017: both solstices and the solar eclipse land on the 21st (June/Dec/Aug). In 1921 Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Exodus 21 lays down Divine Law, particularly brutal for the treatment of slaves and the “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” shpiel. B-21 bombers drop nuclear warheads. 21 is the winning jam in ping pong, bball, blackjack & acey deucey. A 2016 forensic psych study found 21% of corporate execs show psychopathic traits, the same rate as prisoners. 21-gun salute honors royalty or heads of state. Louis Brandeis, author of the 1st Supreme Court decisions on the beloved 21st Amendment, also famously wrote, “We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” After Prohibition closed his Father’s brewery, in 1921 Theodor Geisel enrolled at Dartmouth and was later caught for illegally drinking gin so penned his middle name “Seuss” for the campus humor mag, soon adding “Dr.” Diagnosis from You’re Only Old Once: “You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you’re in.” Prognosis for the evolving 21st C. coming of age tale of Shmaltz Brewing and He’brew Beer? Even more Quality, Community, and Shtick of course! To Life – L’Chaim!