About This Project

20th Anniversary Strong Ale
Available in 22oz Bottles and on Draft
10 Malts, 10 Hops, 16.8% ABV


“Score” is an ancient word for 20. 4 score from Gettysburg, plus Psalm 90 and MLK’s “I Have a Dream”. 20 Years of Shmaltz, one helluva Score, officially complete! About the Fugees 1996 hit The Score, Lauryn Hill said, “It’s like a hip hop version of Tommy.” At age 20, Bette Midler who later played the Acid Queen in the 1st stage show of Tommy, debuted on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, originally considered “too Jewish” for mainstream audiences. 20 is the Biblical age of maturity, when Jewish Priests could work in the sacred Temple. 20 years after the naked Starman icon 1st appeared on 2112, Rush released their best that’s-what-he-said lyric in ‘96: “I’ve got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul / Vishnu & Gaia, Aztec & Maya / Dance around my totem pole.” ’96: the Sex Pistols 20th anniv reunion & the final Ramones tour. Married in ‘96, Jack & Meg claimed they were siblings in the early years of the White Stripes. At 20, Woody Allen wrote scripts for Ed Sullivan & The Tonight Show. The title song for his ‘96 musical Everyone Says I Love You came from a favorite Marx Bros movie. After appearing on The Tonight Show with Groucho Marx & opening for Liberace in Vegas, at 20, Barbra Streisand’s debut album skyrocketed her to stardom. At 20, Dave Chappelle was cast by Mel Brooks as Ahchoo in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. When the crowd grumbles at a black sheriff of Rottingham, Ahchoo quips “It worked in Blazing Saddles.” Inspired by the Blazing Saddles musical score, Here’s to conquering fear & hate & taboos. A torch to light the way! To life… L’Chaim!
L’Chaim Tribe!